Specialty Services

Carpet Cleaning

rug cleaning

Because Legacy Cleaning & Maintenance utilizes every form of carpet cleaning products and equipment, we are confident we have the tools required to get and keep your facility’s carpeting looking its best.

If regular maintenance is required, we have walk-behind units. These units will lift and clean the pile before extracting the carpet. This extends the life of your carpet while keeping them looking its best all year.

Encapsulating systems are very much in demand today for both their cost effectiveness and impressive results. This process, when used correctly, encapsulates the soils trapped in and around the carpet fibers. It dries quickly and doesn’t require bulky hoses that could compromise safety or security. Although this is a quicker, less intrusive process, it does require an additional day of vacuuming to remove the incapsulated soils. This can sometimes be done “in-house” to lower costs.

Whenever possible, a truck-mounted hot water extraction is a highly recommended process. With the ability to use high temperature, pressurized water to loosen and flush to soils from you carpeting and a vacuum system to pull even the deepest soils to the surface, this is what many commercial carpets require if you only have them cleaned one or twice a year.

Regardless of the style, age or material of your carpet, Legacy Cleaning & Maintenance has the knowledge, ability and equipment needed to be your total carpet cleaning company.

Window Cleaning

man cleaning windows

Windows have been heavily used in architecture since the implementation of steel in the construction industry. They add beauty to the overall appearance of a building and have changed our city skylines forever. As a main focal point of a building, dirty glass can bring down the facility’s overall appearance. Clean glass does not have to be an overwhelming burden to your overall budget. Choosing the right company with a comprehensive cleaning schedule can keep our building looking new and fresh to both your current and perspective tenants.

Pressure Washing

pressure washing

Mold, mildew, nests and pests of all things that like to call your home their own. Mold and mildew not only detract from the overall esthetics of your home, but will actually cause damage that can lead to costly repairs and potential health issues. Having a professional pressure wash your home, camp, RV or mobile home can really protect your investment and help keep you and your family protected.

If sidewalks in front of your business or the paths leading to your home or camp are covered in gum, tree sap or just plain dirty from winter snow, salt and sand, Legacy Cleaning is there for you. An entrance way to your home or business is the first impression customers or guests get when visiting. Take advantage of Legacy Cleanings well trained, professional staff to help ensure that the first impression is a positive one.

Concrete Services

polished concrete

Our commercial concrete division specializes in coating, polishing and hardening of new and existing concrete. Our experienced team has been performing these services to the Capital Region for many years and have been on the leading edge of the technology since in introduction to the area. Our history with many major development companies, distribution centers and warehouses have all benefited from using the specialized materials associated with today’s concrete innovations.